4 October 2019 | Zurich, Switzerland
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4 October 2019
Zurich, Switzerland
Quantum Industry Day in Switzerland 2019


Kelly Richdale

Senior VP Quantum Safe Security, ID Quantique

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Kelly Richdale is SVP of Quantum Safe Security at ID Quantique SA, responsible for the Quantum Safe Security and Quantum Random Number Generator divisions. She has been working in the security industry for 15 years, focusing on cryptography, network security, identity management and strong authentication solutions. Prior to ID Quantique Ms. Richdale held the role of Managing Director International Operations of Bioscrypt, the enterprise access division of L1 Identity Solutions (now Sagem-Safran) . In 2001 she founded the company A4Vision, specialising in 3D face recognition, which was acquired by Bioscrypt in March 2007.

Freeke Heijman

Director Strategic Development, QuTech

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Freeke Heijman is director strategic development at QuTech in Delft and special advisor to the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy on Quantum Technologies. In this context she is responsible for the Dutch national policy and investments in Quantum Technology, international partnerships such as the NL participation in the EU flagship and development of the Delft Quantum Campus ecosystem. She is a 50-50 liaison between the Ministry and the QuTech Center and represents The Netherlands in European committees such as the FET Flagship Board of Funders. She has extensive experience in European and national space, industrial and innovation policies including in the role of head of unit. She graduated at the TU Delft Policy Analysis and Systems Engineering department in 1999 and started her career at KPN Research. Her passion is to drive innovation at the crossroad of academia, business and government.

Simon Plant

Innovation Lead in Quantum Technologies, Innovate UK

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Simon is the Innovation Lead in Quantum Technologies at Innovate UK, responsible for shaping and implementing, along with partners, the innovation strategy for the commercialisation of quantum technologies in the UK. He serves as a member of the Programme Operations Group for the National Quantum Technologies Programme. Prior to joining IUK, Simon was a fellow of the UK National Quantum Technology Hub in Sensors and Metrology, focussing on the translation of cold atoms technologies towards space applications, and leading work on projects with industry and the UK and European space agencies. During this time, Simon was seconded to the UK’s Government Office for Science to work on a review into the quantum technologies landscape (Blackett Review, 2016). Simon has previously carried out research into the engineering of molecular materials for quantum information processing (QIP) at the University of Oxford, and was later a research fellow in nanophysics at the University of Birmingham.

Jay M. Gambetta

Quantum Lead for IBM Research, IBM Research

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Jay Gambetta is a fellow at IBM, where he has contributed to the work on quantum validation techniques, quantum codes, improved gates and coherence, near-term applications of quantum computing, the IBM Quantum Experience, and the Qiskit open source framework and leads IBM’s Quantum Computing group. Previously, he worked at the Institute for Quantum Computing in Canada and was a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University. Jay has over 100 publications in field of quantum information science. In 2014, he was named a fellow of the American Physical Society. He holds a PhD in physics from Griffith University Australia.

Grégoire Ribordy

Co-Founder and CEO, ID Quantique

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Co-founder and CEO of ID Quantique, Grégoire Ribordy has 20 years of experience in various R&D and management roles in the field of optical measurements and communication systems. He founded IDQ in 2001 and has managed the company since then. Prior to this, he was a research fellow at the Group of Applied Physics of the University of Geneva between 1997 and 2001 where he met Nicolas Gisin. In this position, he actively developed quantum cryptography technology and is the holder of a number of patents in the field. Between 1995 and 1996, Dr. Ribordy worked for one year in the R&D division of Nikon Corp. in Tokyo.

Robert Rölver

Micro-Technology and Quantum Sensors Robert Bosch GmbH

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Robert Rölver studied electrical engineering with subsequent PhD research on CVD grown Silicon based quantum well solar cells at RWTH Aachen university. After receiving his PhD in 2008 he joined Bosch corporate research in 2009 where he managed a technology scouting program on nano- and quantum technology. In 2018 he was assigned as a senior expert for quantum sensors supporting the quantum technology team at Bosch working on quantum magnetometers and gyroscopes.

Bruno Küng

Product Manager QT, Zurich Instruments

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: As resident quantum technology expert with 7 years of research experience in the field, Bruno helped develop the quantum computing market into a primary growth driver for Zurich Instruments through application know-how transfer, product management, networking, sales and promotion activities.

Alessandro Pioda

COO, Specs Zurich

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: A physicist with 7 years of research experience in semiconductor and quantum physics, Alessandro leads the team who developed the Nanonis range of measurement instruments, and who
developed these from an innovative scanning probe control system into a leading measurement platform for complex scientific measurements.

Parisa Fallahi

CEO, Basel Precision Instruments

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Parisa completed her PhD at Harvard University in low-temperature scanning probe microscopy on semiconductor nanostructures. She worked as a postdoc and a senior scientist on Quantum Nano-Optics at the ETH Zurich. From 2014 to 2018, she worked at Schmid & Partner Engineering AG as a product manager in wireless communication technology where she mastered all aspects of introducing and managing innovative products to market demands. In November 2018, Parisa was inspired to join the Basel Precision Instruments founding team to combine her newly found passion in business management with her roots in low-temperature physics.

Stefan Wörner:

Global Technical Lead Quantum Finance, IBM Research

ABOUT THE SPEAKER:Dr. Stefan Woerner is the Global Leader for Quantum Finance & Optimization and a Research Staff Member in the Quantum Technologies group at IBM Research - Zurich. The focus of his research is the development and analysis of quantum algorithms for optimization, simulation and machine learning as well as their practical applications, particularly in finance or supply chain management. He holds a Ph.D. in Operations Management (ETH Zurich) and his thesis was on Convex Optimization in Supply Chain Management.

Ivano Tavernelli

Technical Leader Quantum Simulations, IBM Research

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Ivano Tavernelli studied Biochemistry (M.Sc., 1991) and then Theoretical Physics (M.Sc., 1996) at the Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETHZ), where he also obtained his Ph.D. His main expertise is the development of classical and quantum methods for applications in quantum chemistry/physics and quantum dynamics. In 2015, he joined the quantum computing team at ZRL working on superconducting qubits architectures. His main focus is in the development of quantum algorithms for the simulation of fermionic systems (correlated electrons in molecules and solids) in both adiabatic and digital quantum computers. At present, he is technical leader of the theoretical quantum computing team at IBM Zurich. He is the author of more than 150 scientific publications in international journals and about 100 invited presentations at national and international conferences.

Patrick Scully

Director, Product Line Management, Ciena

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Patrick Scully has been involved in the research and development of optical network solutions for 20 years. His in current role as Director, Product Line Management at Ciena, his focus is on the architecture of packet optical networks and the development and introduction of network security solutions addressing the needs of enterprises and service providers. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and a master’s degree in business administration (international affairs) from University of Ottawa (Ottawa, Canada).

Ilai Schwartz

Co-Founder & CTO, NVision Imaging Technologies

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Ilai Schwartz is the Chief Technology Officer of Nvision, bringing a diverse background in research and development, as well as management consulting. He has over 6 years of experience leading technological R&D projects and product development, including 4.5 years in 8200 Unit in the Israeli military intelligence, and 2 years as an R&D project leader in Gita Technologies, a successful high-tech cyber security start-up. Ilai Schwarz was employed for 2 years as a consultant for McKinsey & Company, with experience in corporate strategy and PharmaCo operations. In addition, Ilai Schwartz was one of the inventors of the concept of diamond-based room-temperature polarization, and has since led together with UULM team the development of an initial proof of concept experiments. He received his MSc in Physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Summa Cum Laude).

Gabriel Puebla-Hellmann

CEO, QZabre

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Gabriel Puebla-Hellmann recently joined QZabre GmbH, where his experience in the design and fabrication of quantum devices will help improve the NV based scanning probes, which can be used for sensing miniscule magnetic and electric fields. An ETH Quantum Device Lab graduate, he spent several years at IBM Research pushing the boundaries of molecular electronic components, an area in which he holds several patents.

Jacques Haesler

Senior project manager, CSEM

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Jacques Haesler is a Senior Project Manager at CSEM SA in Neuchâtel. He holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Fribourg. He is working since more than 10 years for the miniaturization of atomic clocks at CSEM SA, pushing for the transfer of this technology to the Swiss industry. He is currently the coordinator of the H2020 Quantum Flagship project macQsimal (Miniature Atomic vapor-Cells Quantum devices for SensIng and Metrology AppLications, Grant number 820393), in which atomic vapor cell based quantum devices (magnetometers, gyroscopes, atomic clocks, GHz/THz and gas sensors) are being developed for the European industry.

James R. Wootton

Qubit Wrangler, IBM Research

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Dr. James Wootton is a Research Staff Member in the Quantum Technologies group at IBM Research - Zurich. As well as working on quantum error correction, he looks into what computer games can do for quantum computing, and what quantum computing can do for games. James also contributes extensively to educational materials for Qiskit, the open source quantum computing framework led by IBM, and lectures on the subject at the University of Basel.

Matthias Gunkel

Senior Transport Network Architect, Deutsche Telekom

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Matthias Gunkel is a Senior Network Architect within Deutsche Telekom group in Darmstadt, Germany. He received his PhD in telecommunications from Darmstadt Technical University, Germany, in 1997. Since 1999 he is with Deutsche Telekom, where he was initially responsible for high-speed high-capacity transmission systems. He studied transparent network principles and was involved in IST projects like NOBEL, NOBEL-II, DICONET and STRONGEST. Matthias was responsible for DT’s contribution to IDEALIST and led DT-internal strategic investigations on “IP plus Optical” architectures dealing with practical multilayer networks consisting in an optimized integration of the packet layer with the optical layer. Currently Matthias is involved in the specification of an SDN-based automation solution for DT’s multi-layer core network. He has published numerous conference papers and issued patents in this field.

Arnaud Camandona

Pre-Sales engineer, ID Quantique

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Arnaud Camandona has been working for more than 10 years in the IT environment. Previously support engineer at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Arnaud was working on Eurovision Global Network, one of the largest broadcast networks in the world and ensuring the proper functioning of its strategic network.
Arnaud is now working at IDQ since 2017 as a pre-sales engineer and deploys quantum safe security solutions.

Laurent Mazo

Ariane 6 – Avionics, Pyro & Flight Control Supplier Manager, ArianeGroup

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Laurent Mazo has 30 years of experience in various R&D, management and business development roles in the field of optical measurements, mainly in military market. He recently joined ArianeGroup to participate to the development of Ariane 6 launcher, in particular on the disruptive opto-pyrotechnic technology. This innovative system will advantageously replace the very old electro-pyrotechnic for the stages separation during flight, but require a very high accurate single-photon OTDR for integrity and performance monitoring during integration.

Marc Niklès

Senior VP Single-Photon Systems, ID Quantique

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Dr. Marc Nikles has been actively involved in the sensing industry for more than 25 years as a researcher, sales and marketing executive and successful entrepreneur. Prior to joining ID Quantique, he was Meggitt’s Energy division Global Marketing Manager. In 2000, he was the co-founder of Omnisens, a spin-off company of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL) which pioneered long distance fibre optic sensing. Omnisens has developed and successfully marketed fibre optic based solutions for the Oil & Gas and Energy industries. For more than 15 years Marc has led the development and growth of the company from start-up to a mature SME, as General Manager, CTO and CEO successively. From 1997 until 2000 he was Program Manager aerospace sensing applications at Vibro-Meter.
He obtained a PhD degree in technical sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL) in 1997 for his research activities on scattering phenomena in optical fibres and the development of long distance distributed temperature and strain sensing systems.

Felipe Favaro

CTO, Qnami

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Felipe Favaro is the CTO of Qnami and holds a PhD in material science from the University of Stuttgart. He is passionate about diamond-based technology for high precision sensing applications that are on the rise with the second Quantum Revolution.

Sadik Hafizovic

CEO, Zurich Instruments

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: A signal processing expert with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich, Sadik has co-founded Zurich Instruments as a spin-off and has developed the company as its CEO from an innovative lock-in manufacturer to a major T&M player and leading instrumentation provider for quantum computing.

Nicolas Bürer

Managing director, digitalswitzerland

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Nicolas Bürer studied Physics at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. After several years in management consulting and young startups, he then went on to co-found MOVU, of which he still is Chairman. Movu has been acquired through a Swiss insurance Group in 2017. Since October 2016, Nicolas Bürer is Managing Director at digitalswitzerland. Nicolas is one of the 100 "2019 Who is Who" and „2018 Who is Who“ of the Swiss Economy and has been awarded as 2018 „Swiss Business Angel of the Year“. He is a passionate entrepreneur and startup investor.


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